We will meet with you and evaluate your needs. Based on your stated goals, we will propose a plan how to best attain those goals. We will discuss different options and highlight the pros and cons of each option. We will consider the scope of the project, your timeline and other limitations, and give you a realistic estimate of the expected outcome.

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We will accurately identify and price your items based on our expertise and using comparable sales records from available databases.





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We will organize sale of your items using the best selling platform for that item: on-site estate sale, or consignment sale.  For on-site estate sale we will sort through your possessions and organize them, stage your premises to show off all the items to their best advantage, and advertise and conduct the sale.  For consignment sales, we will transport accepted items to our warehouse and promote their sale both locally and online internet sales.

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We will cleanup after an on-site sale, discarding all unsold items and disposing of any debris or loose items.  We will cleanup neglected homes and yards so that the premises can be prepared for rental or sale.

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We will give you complete accounting of all items sold, consigned, or discarded, as well as how the total proceeds you are receiving from us were calculated.

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Hawkeye's Estate Sales

In the sales business within Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, & Los Angeles County for over 20 years now, we are very versed with the people, the area, and the business involved with selling a wide selection of items.  We would be honored to have the opportunity to sell your loved one's treasured items so that you may focus on taking the time to grieve as needed.